Using Music in a Medical Setting


Music is a part of every life, but it is widely underused as a preventative measure or treatment modality. This course has been designed to provide you with tools to successfully use music as an intervention tool for a variety of outcomes in medical settings. The reader-friendly text is filled with a wealth of practical information, links to valuable web sites, real life case examples and research studies supporting the use of music therapy to achieve positive outcomes. We provide you with numerous specific and simple music therapy activity ideas that you can put to use in your facility right away.

This interactive course is intended for any individual interested in learning basic concepts regarding the use of music in medical settings. While much of the information provided refers to the use of music with elderly individuals, there is benefit in the course for any profession and any population. The participant will be provided with information about:
  • Music therapy as a profession
  • The use of music in medical settings and in everyday life
  • The benefits of both individual and group music therapy
  • How to implement a music program in your facility
  • Practical music activities you can use immediately

Music is an amazing tool that can help promote immediate positive responses in patients and residents, such as: decreased agitation, increased food intake, improved sleep, improved communication and social skills, better motor skills, and decreased isolation. Everyone experiences music in life...this course helps you to use music as a new tool in your professional toolbox!

Teaching Methods: This course is provided using text, pictures, activities, class discussion and live web links. E-mail correspondence with the instructor is encouraged but not required. There is one final exam, with the expectation of an 80% score to receive credit for the course.

COURSE GOAL: The instructional focus of this course is to help participants gain a new perspective regarding the use of music as a modality in medical settings.

Upon completion of this interactive online course, the Learner will be able to:

  • Recognize music therapy as a profession
  • Identify the benefits of music in a medical setting
  • Use music to meet specific goals for patients and residents
  • Apply music activities within his/her facility

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