Infinity Walk®: A Developmentally Progressive & Integrative Systems Approach to Clinical Treatment


This is an introductory-to-intermediate level course designed for the allied health provider who wants to gain foundational knowledge and develop treatment skill in Dr. Sunbeck’s Infinity Walk Method. Infinity Walk is a progressive and integrative systems approach to remedial and restorative treatment as well as to fall prevention and early childhood intervention. The course is useful for all allied health rehab providers (e.g. OT, PT, SLP, OD, Nursing).

Upon completion of this course, the Learner should be able to:

    1. Describe the neurological foundation of Infinity Walk theory and method.

    2. Describe the Infinity Walk methodology, and treatment applications for gaiting balance and coordination; sensory-integration; sensory modulation; oculomotor and visual-motor control; ankle flexibility; bilateral eye tracking across the midline; bilateral neck reflex; trunk rotation and lengthening; and more.

    3. Describe how perceptual, expressive language, cognitive and socio-emotional skill training can be progressively integrated into attention, sensory and motor skills training.  

    4. Plan appropriate Infinity Walk treatment strategies based on client factors and presenting symptoms.

    5. Begin using the method as an informal assessment of attention, balance and motor skills, sensory modulation, and bilateral sensory-motor integration; and, their competing impact on process and communication/relational skills.

    6. Begin to facilitate therapeutic gains in multiple components of performance while engaging the Infinity Walker (or Infinity Rider) in just-right increases in activity demands.

    7. Describe contradictions to using the standard gaiting version of Infinity Walk Method and describe how to modify the method to accommodate special client needs. (e.g. Infinity Riding;  Infinity Therapeutic Horseback Riding; Infinity Water Walking/Dog Paddle)

    8. Articulate to patients, caregivers and paraprofessionals how to facilitate additional practice of Infinity Walk treatment goals at home and in residential care settings. Use provided resource materials to explain Infinity Walk and motivate patient’s participation in treatment progress. Use provided brochure and educational site web-link to teach patient’s family, friends and volunteers how to positively facilitate between-treatment practice when appropriate.