Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence): 1 Hour Course


This course on domestic violence will satisfy the requirements for continuing education for health care practitioners in the State of Florida. We will be discussing domestic violence, better known now as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). It will center around male violence against women with a small section on female violence against men. It should be understood that IPV happens in heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

At the conclusion of this online course, the learner will be able to:

  • Give a behavioral definition for intimate partner violence (IPV).
  • Give a legal definition for IPV. Describe the difference between non-lethal and lethal IPV.
  • Discuss the three phases from the perspective of both the batterer and the victim.
  • Describe the relationship pregnancy has with IPV.
  • Explain the term stalking. Discuss the effects of workplace violence.
  • Explain the health effects and consequences of IPV.
  • Describe the relationship between income and age and IPV.
  • Discuss the toll of IPV on children.
  • Describe a perpetrator.
  • Explain the difference between the "OJ defense" and the "lost control defense."
  • Discuss the three-batterer types with respect to severity, generality and psychopathology.
  • Describe the three theories that influence batterer intervention programs.
  • Explain the differences between male and female batterers.
  • List five of the ten guiding principles.
  • Discuss the Florida Marital Bill of Rights.
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