Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence): 2 Hour Course


This course outlines behavioral and legal definitions for Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). It describes the difference between non-lethal and lethal IPV and discusses the three phases from the perspective of both the batterer and the victim.

Teaching Methods for this course include: course content in written lecture format, pictures, PowerPoint presentation, discussion board and instructor email. Learners must meet the minimum passing score of 80% on the final exam.

This course provides initial information on the subject of Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence).

Learner Outcomes include:

  • Describe the relation that pregnancy has to IPV,
  • Discuss violence in the workplace,
  • Describe the relationship between income and age on IPV and the toll IPV has on children,
  • Explain the differences between male and female batterers,
  • Discuss the three batterer types with respect to severity, generality and psychopathology and the three theories that influence batterer intervention programs.
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