HIV/AIDS: One Hour Course


HIV disease has been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control since 1981 and it has, since that time, advanced to become a worldwide pandemic. The State of Florida mandated through the Florida Omnibus AIDS Act of 1988 (now called Section 381.004, Florida Statutes) that all health care practitioners and others deemed necessary by the Florida Legislature receive basic education in HIV disease. Current Florida law requires occupational therapy practitioners and physical therapy practitioners to complete a one hour course on HIV/AIDS education in order to receive their first license renewal in the State. Current Florida law requires Athletic Trainers to complete a one hour course on HIV/AIDS education for initial licensure and license renewal.

Teaching Methods include: course content delivered in written lecture format, colorful pictures and graphics, discussion board and instructor email. The final exam must meet a passing score of 80%.

Objective: The overall objective of this course is for the practitioner to gain knowledge in the field of HIV disease. This course meets the State of Florida requirements for one hour of HIV/AIDS education.

This course provides the following Learner Outcomes as required:
  • List the 3 factors that contribute to the transmission of HIV/AIDS in the general population.
  • Identify the 4 CDC reported factors that will increase disease progression.
  • Identify 2 of the actions that prevent contracting and/or the spread of HIV
  • List the 3 Universal Precautions for infection control to be used to prevent the spread of HIV.
  • List the 4 Post-Exposure treatments if a HC professional is exposed to blood or bodily fluids during patient care.
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