Sensory Processing Disorders: Their Effects on Learning, Behavior and Motor Control (P)

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Note: This course is a new, improved and expanded version of our previous Sensory Integration course. Now includes more comprehensive information for all allied health rehab providers (OT, PT, SLP), plus a valuable treatment demonstration video clips of actual patients.

This is an introductory to intermediate level course designed for the therapist who wants to develop foundational knowledge and treatment skills for working with children with Sensory Processing Disorders. The course provides essential, practical information which will enhance your ability to provide intensive, goal-directed and effective therapy to children with sensory challenges.

A multi-sensory approach is used to enhance learning for the course participant:

  • Instructor lecture via web-based text
  • Live Web links
  • Text rich with photos of treatment techniques
  • Lab experiences provide opportunities to experience first hand what children with sensory dysfunction experience at a much greater level
  • Video clips of actual treatment sessions provide ideas and strategies for treating children with sensory processing deficits
  • Midterm and Final exams are multiple-choice. Each exam is of equal weight, and there is a required passing score of 80%.

The initial lessons focus on understanding basic terms and theories behind sensory integrative treatment. Because an understanding of normal development is necessary to be able to identify atypical development, lessons on normal child development and development of central nervous system functions are included. Specific sensory systems, and their interrelationship to each other, are discussed in depth.

Lessons then move quickly into a practical understanding of - and the differences among - various types of sensory processing disorders based on presenting symptoms. Evaluation tools are described, and clinical observations to supplement standardized evaluation tools are described and demonstrated.

A variety of treatment techniques is demonstrated through pictures, text and video clips. Finally, topics such as dealing with behavior, home programs, and issues related to reimbursement bring this course full-circle from identification of the child with sensory processing issues, to discharge from therapy.

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This course requires an enrollment key