Current Trends and Treatment in Dementia Management


This interactive course was designed for the beginner or intermediate therapist who works with the geriatric population.

The learner will be provided with valuable information about the dementia disease process, how dementia dramatically affects function and the ability to participate in and benefit from therapy programs, and practical approaches to achieve a “best therapy practice” with strategies to meet Medicare reimbursement requirements. We will also explore some of the current trends and advances in dementia care and the legislative issues involving Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Finally, the course will provide the participant with a thorough foundation of the vital importance of cognitive assessment and treatment and the many opportunities that currently exist to creatively serve this population in various geriatric arenas.

Teaching Methods for this course include: course content delivered in a text format, pictures, activities, video clips of patients at various stages of dementia care, live web links, class discussion board and email to instructor. Midterm and Final exams are of equal weight, and there is a required passing score of 80%.

This course includes video clips to accompany the course materials. The ability to watch the videoclips is not required to complete the course.

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