Documentation Essentials Part 06: Writing Successful HEP and Restorative NP


Part of a therapist’s responsibility when providing services for a Medicare B beneficiary is to design a program that facilitates carryover from gains made in therapy to maintenance and continued improvement in a home living environment. This program takes the form of a home exercise program for independent patients, and may be a restorative nursing or functional maintenance program for those living in a skilled nursing facility (SNF). This course will introduce the components necessary to document these programs effectively.

Course Goal and Learning Objectives

To present the components of home exercise and restorative nursing programs in keeping with Medicare guidelines.

Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

    • List the therapist’s responsibilities when providing services for Medicare B beneficiary for carryover from gains made in Therapy.
    • Identify at what point in time during treatment of a patient in LTC to establish a home exercise program or restorative nursing recommendations with documentation.
    • Identify the five (5) components needed to document medical necessity of the intervention with a resident to insure reimbursement.
    • Identify two (2) key programs under which a restorative nursing recommendation should be made to help qualify a resident for the “Rehab Low” category in a SNF.
    • List the 4 components necessary to establish Restorative Nursing Program (RNP) for patients in a LTC facility.

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