Essential Skills for Communication in Healthcare Environments (P)

Course Description

Based on interpersonal communication research and conflict resolution theory, the course offers the foundations of effective communication techniques for staff who work in the healthcare environment. It is designed to promote quality care, effective working relationships, and a positive work environment for service providers in healthcare.

Teaching Methods include: course content delivered in a text format with illustrations and pictures, assessments and activities.

Target Audience: This interactive entry level course is designed for all professional levels of staff who work in healthcare, as well as professional guardians, case managers, attorneys, and other responsible parties involved in meeting the needs of individuals in healthcare settings.

Course Goal: Participants will recognize the knowledge, skills, and attitudes which facilitate communication and resolve conflicts in the healthcare environment.

Learner Outcomes
Upon completion of this interactive online course, the Learners will:

  • Be sensitive to their own attitudes while communicating with individuals in the healthcare setting.
  • Identify successful strategies to communicate with residents, including those who are cognitively, visually, and/or hearing impaired.
  • Learn to observe and listen effectively while relating to how others perceive our behaviors.

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