Seating and Positioning: Electronic Communication Devices

Course Description
Occupational therapists who plan for the seating and wheelchair needs of children and adult patients strive for functional independence in all areas of daily living skills. The skills may be enhanced through the use of and gaining full access to the electronic communication devices available in today’s market.

The primary focus of this module is on tablets because they can be safely attached to wheelchairs and support the other identified goals of therapists. Therapists should not only be aware of the varied demands, but have the knowledge and skills to provide solutions.

This course gives a general overview of the kinds of communication equipment that will be of general interest to both adults and children and resources available for adapting this kind of equipment for wheelchair use.

Adaptive equipment from several different companies will be presented for general consideration. References and resources are provided for further learning.

Target Audience and Teaching Methods
This course is intended for intermediate learners, with evidence-based content delivered in a text format with graphics, web links, pictures, activities that support the learner objectives. Final exam is required with multiple attempts to obtain a minimum passing score of 80%. Learner must spend at least 80% of CE awarded time within the course material to be eligible to print the certificate of completion.

Learner Objectives
By the completion of this course, the student will meet the following objectives:

  • Identify potential candidates and clinical presentations appropriate for a seating and positioning intervention related to the benefits of access to electronic communications devices.
  • Analyze and Assess what changes need to be made to provide optimum seating and positioning while making use of electronic communications devices.
  • Identify, compare and select resources for product(s) to meet determined goals.
  • Identify the role that cultural and family influences can play in determining acceptance of electronic communications devices.

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