Documentation Essentials Part 09-04: Medicare Part A in SNFs


Providing therapy services under Medicare A in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is a greatly rewarding experience. However, many therapists and assistants are challenged and intimidated by the numerous rules and regulations that govern the provision of these services.

This module is designed to provide a bird’s eye overview of the UPDATED regulations, effective October 1, 2011 that govern the provision of therapy services and provide insight into how the overall payment system works under the MDS 3.0, including reimbursement under Medicare A, required RUGS-IV assessments, and how therapy services are delivered and captured for Medicare A beneficiaries.

Course Goal and Learning Objectives

The student will be able to identify the key components of the minimum data set (MDS) 3.0 for which therapy is responsible and how to complete them accurately.

Upon completion of the course the participant will be able to:
  • Name five (5) rehab RUG levels
  • Identify the five (5) different assessment reference periods
  • Identify what qualifies as a skilled service under the MDS 3.0
  • Identify two (2) different mechanisms of service delivery accepted under Medicare A

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