Movies and Music: A Clinician's Guide to the Classic Movie Musical and Group Activity

Course Description:

This course is designed to help clinicians, guardians, activity professionals and caregivers learn about a fantastic new way to turn watching a movie into a great interactive event that will increase communication, use of language, pragmatic skills, conversation and long-term memory for: teens, special needs students/adults and neurologically impaired adults.

This course is divided into lessons which center on a specific holiday within a given month. The 12 films were chosen specifically for their ability to promote interaction. They will also provide an additional way to promote the holidays.

"The level of language impairment in my group ranged from mild to severe and I found that all were able to participate fully. Comments flowed easily and those with the most severe impairment seemed the most eager to contribute to the discussion, which was very nice to see". Lisa C, M.S., CCC-SLP, New Bedford, MA

Teaching methods for this course include instructor lecture via web-based text, photos, video, interactive activities,and live links. To pass the course learners must successfully complete the final exam at the end of the course with a minimum passing score of 80%.

Course Goal

As an independent learner you will understand how to utilize the 12 classic movie musicals to promote communication/interaction in your clients.

Learning Objectives

As an independent learner you will be able to:

  • Recognize how multi-media reminiscence can be used to capitalize on language/communication.
  • Demonstrate why this activity is effective with the aging population. (Dementia, TBI, Left/Right Hemisphere Stroke, Parkinson's).
  • Discuss and demonstrate how it can be adapted for other populations.
  • Discuss and demonstrate how it can be adapted for use with individuals vs. groups.
  • Name ways in which it can be used in a variety of Clinical settings from LTC to outpatient settings to schools.
  • Discuss why you should have this activity in your setting.