Treatment Implications for Mid Stage Dementia

Course Description
This interactive online course is designed for the beginner and intermediate healthcare professional interested in learning more about how to be effective interacting with clients with mid-stage dementia. The stages of dementia will be reviewed (early, middle, and late), with a specific emphasis on the key features of mid-stage dementia. Learners who take this course will gain a tremendous understanding of the mid-stage client, and the many ways the dementia disease process impacts behavior and activities of daily living.

Teaching methods for this course include: course content delivered in text format, pictures, interactive activities, case studies, e-mail to the instructor, references and resources, student discussion board, and individual hands-on assignments.

Course Goal: Participants will be able to identify key features of mid-stage dementia, being able to design effective treatment plans that facilitate client engagement in activities of daily living.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this interactive online course, the learner will be able to:

  • Determine if an individual has early, middle, or late stage dementia
  • Minimize unwanted behaviors typically experienced by clients with mid-stage dementia
  • Organize successful client participation in treatment exercises and activities
  • Develop caregiver strategies that foster successful engagement in activities of daily living
  • Integrate effective functional maintenance plans for the mid-stage resident living in institutionalized environments

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