HIV/AIDS in Health Care


HIV disease has been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control since 1981, and has since that time advanced to become a worldwide pandemic.

The State of Florida mandated through the Florida Omnibus AIDS Act of 1988 (now called Section 381.004, Florida Statutes) that all health care practitioners, and others deemed necessary by the Florida Legislature, receive basic education in HIV disease in order to receive their first license in the State, and continuing education credits to continue that license each biennium.

This course provides the required information on transmission, infection control, epidemiology, clinical management, prevention, and the Florida Law.

This course provides the following Learner Outcomes as required:
  • Identify the disease that sparked the epidemic now known as HIV disease in the US
  • List 2 of the 3 major modes of transmission of HIV/AIDS
  • List 3 of the recommended infection control procedures to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • Identify 2 everyday preventative measures related to the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • List 3 clinical management techniques in the treatment of HIV/AIDS
This course has topics relating to the lesson title. The course will take you approximately 3 hours to finish all required links and supportive materials.

Teaching Methods include: course content delivered in a text format, graphics, live web links, and email with instructor. The final exam must meet a passing score of 80%.

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