Course Description:This interactive course was designed for therapists who manage or aspire to manage others. Both new and experienced managers will learn key concepts and skills for supervising others. This course will cover:

    • Understanding critical concepts
    • Identifying key relationships and roles
    • 3 core management skills
    • 2 management applications

    This information-packed course is presented by The Flourishing Company, LLC, a professional development firm dedicated to changing the way you experience work. This course provides essential tips and strategies to assist therapists who manage others or to those who aspire to manage others. It provides necessary skills and tips for you to become a successful, respected manager. In short, you will learn practical solutions to embrace managing rather than fear it.

    Topics include: Navigating the Management Compass™, Understanding Different Management Styles, Making Effective Requests, Acknowledging Staff Members’ Accomplishments, and Listening Openly. We will cover how to use all of these skills to run useful and effective meetings.

    Teaching Methods: Course content is delivered in a text format with case examples, pictures and graphics, references, resources and web links provided. You will also have the opportunity for e-mail interaction with the course instructor and fellow course participants. Throughout the course, you will be asked to complete several engaging assignments designed to help you practice each skill introduced. At the conclusion of the course, there is a Final Exam that requires a minimum passing score of 80%.

    How to Make the Most of this Course

    The usefulness of this material is directly proportional to the commitment you put into it. Many of the questions raised in these exercises require careful thought and introspection.

    There are several assignments to be completed as you work through the material in this course. Your answers do not need to be posted on the discussion board, and you do not need to turn them in to the instructors. You may want to keep a journal as you work through them, tracking what you learn for self-discovery.

    Course Goal: Participants will learn the fundamental building blocks of managing.

    Upon completion of this interactive online course, the Learner will be able to:

    • Understand key management concepts:
      • The Management Compass™
      • The Flourishing Process™
      • Your Management Style
    • Define and apply 3 management skills
    • Apply the concepts in Part 1 in the following two management situations:
      • Effective Meetings (Preparing and Leading)
      • Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

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